Pete Zollweg of 7 City Brewers!

Pete earned the title the hard way, squeaking by the previous (pre-pandemic) winner and 7 City brethren Brian McCrickard to take down two 1st place finishes, a 2nd place finish, and a 3rd place finish with some delicious beers.The two of them were neck and neck throughout the competition, and it came down to the final round to determine the winner.

His 1st place finishes book-ended the competition season kicking off with a winning Melomel that was an overwhelming favorite of the judges, closed with another winner in his Imperial Stout. To win first place in both these categories is an impressive accomplishment. His second place finish was in the category of American Brown Ale, and his third place finish was in the category of Blonde Ale.

Pete’s win in this competition is a testament to his dedication and passion for brewing. 7 City Brewers President Brian McCrickard adds “With his knowledge and abilities, he has been a great asset to 7 Cities Brewers, Virginia Peninsula Homebrewers, and the Hampton Roads brewing community; always willing to share his knowledge and experience.”

Rounding out the top three finishers we’re Brian McCrickard of 7 City with 1st place wins in American Pale Ale, New England IPA, and a 3rd place in Munich Helles; and Brandon Christian, also of 7 City, with two 2nd place finishes for a New England IPA and an Imperial Stout, and a 3rd place finish with an American Brown Ale.

With its top individual finishes, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the 7 City Brewers won the 2022 HRBC Club competition as well.

A special congrats to all the brewers and all clubs who made some delicious and amazing beers, and for growing the homebrew community in Hampton Roads. Thank you Hampton Roads Brewing & Tasting Society (HRB&TS), 7 City Brewers (7CB), Colonial Ale Smiths and Keggers (CASK), Virginia Peninsula Homebrewers (VPH) and the Smithfield Hop and Malt Society (HAMS). you can find links to the clubs at the bottom, and can see all the results

Finally, the 2023 Competition is right around the corner so get those kettles warm, fermenters cold and find all the information you need about the 2023 HRBC at