Judges & Stewards



You don’t have to enter a beer to take part in the competition. We are always looking for judges and stewards, and it’s a great way to teach or learn more about beer. Whether your experience is professional or you’re just starting out, we invite you to take part in our competitions.

Pro Brewers

Most of you started where we are, and it’s folks like you that continue to encourage and support the home brewing community and we’d like to see that continue.

As much as we’d love to let you compete, it wouldn’t be fair to all of the amateur participants. However, we’d love to take advantage of your knowledge, expertise and experience, and would appreciate a few hours of your time to be a judge in our event.

To Register as a Judge or Steward

If you wish to be a judge, please send us an email through the Contact Form, and identify which competition you would like to attend.